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SAP FIORI - Transformed SAP User Experience
Mobile Apps are taking over business, with the advent of apps for smartphones, mobile usage took off. Apps also brought skyrocketing usage for business users with productivity functionalities like time-management, calendaring, note-taking et al.

Over time businesses realised that apps with the ability of upgrading functionality on the fly allowed not just productivity but also business process functionality – which was the holy grail of killer apps in getting laptop/desktop based business processes accessible over mobiles. Every company realised that if they had a dedicated app store for common business processes, their user delight & productivity would skyrocket. Thus the race began to create mobile-enabled real always-on, simple, and more intuitive business apps that provided 10X benefits over traditional business-hour computer access.

SAP came out with Fiori for mobile app development

Developing mobile apps called for new standards, and skill-sets. SAP came out with their mobile app creation standard – Fiori.

Fiori provided new user experience for SAP applications across the enterprise. It provided a personalised, responsive & simple experience that reflected the intuitive way humans work. On top it sought to have a simple design, allow business process innovation, and was built on an open tech framework. It broke the disaggregated software applications like CRM, SCM, HRMS into relevant tasks and activities – providing a seamless experience across devices & Operating Systems.

Users in the past had to go through a long process to do a transaction in the past with lots of navigation. Fiori makes this transaction happen in 2 clicks. For developers, it meant no separate coding requirement for the separate devices or operating systems or screen resolutions. Once you code using Fiori standards, the display adjusted to every device by themselves.

Service Offerings:

  • Mobility/Fiori Implementation
  • Fiori App Enhancement

Benefits & Solutions:

  • Ready-to- deploy cross-platform & cross-industry mobile solutions

Service Offerings:

  • Line of Business app development
  • Custom apps development

Benefits & Solutions:

  • Next Generation responsive apps
  • Rapid Deployment with Agile Building

Service Offerings:

  • User Experience Consulting
  • Design & Prototypes

Benefits & Solutions:

  • Fiori Factory to Deploy Faster and Deliver more Value